a Smart Platform for Curriculum Evaluation
For Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions.

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Edutech Platform

Set all question Types including Theories.
Instant marking, malpractice check, Mobile-Friendly.

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A Smart Curriculum Evaluation System

Set Exam/Test of various Question types, for Your candidates to take with their smart Phones.


About CBTng.Com

Web Development
Timely Result Release
CBTng.Com uses Ai techniques to automatically Mark and Grade students' Answers.
Web Development
Various Question-types
Set Objects, Sub-objectives and Essay-Type Questions. Set "At-Once" or One-by-One display.
Web Development
BYOD Compliance
CBTng.Com has mobile-first design. It's responsive and accessible with whatever device you have.
HTML/CSS INternational Quiz

Participation Guides:

The aim is to encourage and test your skill and coding abilities with HTML and CSS
2. You have to Signup now to enable you take the quiz.
3. You can take the quiz anytime you are ready from 30th to 31st December, 2023.
4. Ensure you have your contest code which was sent to your email when you Signed Up.
5. Make a Payment of $10 USD or the Naira Equivalent (N10,000) to qualify for participation. The Account to pay to is included in the Mail sent to you whe you signed up.
6. You can take the quiz with your Phone, Laptop, or any device (BYOD) that is connectable to Internet. The Winner (highest scorer) gets $150 USD. the Runner up gets $100 USD.
7.There will be samples of code to explain, debuggings to be made, theoretical explanations, on each language and the relationship between them.

NiWiit U-FIT-2023 National Quiz

Taking the NIWIIT National Quiz:

1. You can take the quiz only ones.
2. You must allow your camera to be On. Turning the camera off means malpractice.
3. You can take the quiz anytime you are ready from 7th to 8th June.
4. Ensure you have your contest code which was sent to your email when you registered, (registration is over). > click here take the quiz : go to your email and get your contest code.
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Competition Curriculum

This quiz will test you on basic knowledge of Information technology including hardware, Software, Networking and the Internet technologies. Then it will test your knowledge of national IT industry organizations such as NITDA, NCS and NIWIIT.

Important Features


Digitize Exams

Set your questions on CBTng.Com to Increase Speed, efficiency, & reduce stress. CBTng.Com marks and grades students answers.



Supervision and malpractice-check makes curriculum evaluations valid. CBTng.Com gets you covered.


Essay-Type Answers

Setting theory questions?, no problem. Our OCR-support system and Ai-marking for essay-type will soon be out.


CBTng.Com has been tested and proven good. besides client's testimonies, We just won a seed fund from NITDA as a recognition of good jobs.

User Guide for

Our Target Audience


upload Quiz/Test/Exams

Just Sign up and Check your Email

Login to the dashboard

start setting questions or Send the Questions to us to upload on your behalf.

Both Essay-type and Objective Types of Questions.

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Secondary School

Upload Termly Result

Just signup and register your school

upload termly results

The system generates Scratch Card code, unique for each student

Sale the Scratch Card to parents/guardians.

Register Your School

Take Test/Check Result

Follow the Link that your institution gave you.

use with Phone/Laptop

The System is user-friendly. You don't need a guide to use it.

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